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Stop apologizing!

How many of you find yourselves apologizing for things that you don’t even need to apologize for??? I use to be so guilty of this saying I’m sorry for the most ridiculous shit! But then I went to a lecture and this speaker, who I can’t remember the name of( Mom brain) touched on how so many of us apologize for being to loud, for our crying children, for thinking your being annoying, etc.....and it got me thinking.....who gives a shit! Look I will totally own up to an apology if I did something that was wrong, 1000%! However, if someone thinks I’m being annoying or getting upset because my kids are acting with it! It’s life there will be uncomfortable situations in which, we all need to learn how to deal! So instead of apologizing for who you are, embrace it, own it, love yourself enough to express your true colors! There will be people who won’t like you & that’s okay, You’ll manage to continue living, because at the end of the day their opinion of you means absolutely nothing! They are judging you based on a dislike, or an idea they have about you.....never getting to know the real you and that’s a shame. Once you stop apologizing and accepting who you are, your life will become that much easier!

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