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Healthy eating habits coupled with a daily activity, such as walking, yoga, or strength training is a pathway to improving your mind and body. Let's say that you found an activity you love. You've been working out every day but you're frustrated on what to eat. Focus on making healthy choices, That is the start.

For example, choosing a nutritional snack would be something like a low fat yogurt, peanut butter on a wheat toast, one serving of sliced mangos versus empty calorie snacks such as potato chips, donuts, pretzels. It all starts with taking one step forward, taking control of your decisions and the willingness to learn more about nutrition. When you can differentiate what is good for your body versus what isn't, you are on the right track. Sometimes you'll be side tracked on eating healthy because we all understand that life gets in the way sometimes. Don't feel bad. Don't get upset. Let that feeling go. Yes, let it go! You have to so you don't spiral down. Get on track the next day. Get up and move on for the next 4 days to make up for that day. In time, you'll be amazed and proud of your journey. You'll be even more amazed when your child adopts a healthy life style just by the observation of what you have implemented in your life.

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