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Break That Circle

Life will draw up a series of events that seem to place you back to a full circle. You start off at a particular moment that kind of forced you to change who you are and your direction in life. As time passes by, that moment, whether it was a struggle or a small obstacle you dealt with, becomes a distant memory.

Life continues to go on.

You continue to walk forward in your path of life.

Achieving... succeeding...feeling happy.

However, somehow the universe orchestrates a repeat, like a simulated event of the struggle you survived from or an obstacle you defeated.

Then you sit there saying, "Wow, here we go again!"

People would call it God's test of grit or the devil's test in hopes you fail.

Maybe it's a wake up call to keep you in check?

Maybe it's life's way to keep you awake so you can continue moving forward.

When you are aware of being in a better place in life, you are capable of managing hiccups and pitfalls similar to what you've been through in the past.

Know that you are stronger, much more wiser, and you can get break through it...out of that circle.

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