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The Modern Fit Mom website was established in 2012 which started off as my personal blog. The site itself took a transformation along with my personal evolution. Through the years, staying disciplined in the pursuit of my goals has kept me in the direction I need to be at, both in my personal, fitness, and business life.


Between 2012 - to late 2014 I completed the Arnold Amateur Bikini Competition, an NPC Bikini Competition in Northern California, a Tough Mudder Run in Lake Tahoe and four Spartan Races with a Trifecta medal. I did this to challenge the limits. I needed to experience the truth of my capabilities, not the excuses to validate me from ever accomplishing anything.


By the end of 2014, I became very ill (Stage 4 Endometriosis). I didn't realize that my life was on the line until I was diagnosed, treated and recovered. IT was a very difficult time in my life.  From 2015 - to mid 2017, I was in that rehabilitation stage. It was difficult for me to pull myself out of bed. The internal adhesions around my organs, kept me from being mobile. I refused to let this win me over.  I was pushing myself every single day to regain the physical strength and mobility I loss. I went back to training. And even though I felt like a beginner through it all, a few amazing trainers helped me through this part of my struggle and supported me towards my goals.  I couldn't have gone beyond my own threshold without them.


Around 2017- 2018, I connected with some of the most positive, influential people in the business and health industry. In addition to this new avenue of my life, I completed the 13.1 Rock and Roll Marathon in San Diego with my brother and a great friend that I couldn't have done without.  


In 2018, the direction of my life gave me a whole different perspective in living, including some very humbling changes along the way.

My journey the past 9 years has been a unique and wonderful experience of self growth. People perceive healthy as having a muscular fit body. I stand corrected. The majority of those who actually live an active lifestyle, have a beautiful appearance all their own.

I don't have a perfect aesthetic appeal. I'm okay with that. I don't run 10 minute miles. I'm okay with that. I sometimes don't push myself hard enough to workout (unless I'm preparing for an athletic event). I'm okay with that. 


Taking care of me is my personal space and time away from the world. I don't have that time to devote selfie photos and video tutorials because that kind of time is devoted to my family. Much respect to those who can actually balance both. I'm just not one of them.

If you're reading this, you're on track. Stay on track. You'll get to where you should be in life.

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